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10 tips to care for your bras

It’s been 90 years since we sold our very first bra, so we definitely know a thing or two about these essentials. Here are 10 tips that will have your delicates staying pretty and lasting longer.

1. One of the best features of our M&S bras is that they’re safe to machine-wash. However we do advise that when machine-washing, it’s best to put it on the delicate cycle, which rinses at 40°C or less to avoid shrinkage.

2. When hand washing, use cold water and gentle soap made for delicate fabrics

3. Wash light and dark colours separately to stop colours from running

4. Use specially formulated whites detergent with brightening agents to prevent the greying on lighter bras

5. Wash your bras in a delicates bag or pillowcase to protect the straps from getting tangled

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6. Clasp the bra shut when washing to avoid them from catching onto other clothes

7. Avoid tumble drying padded bras to prevent the cups distorting

8. It’s best to leave your bra to air-dry as it prevents any misshaping

9. M&S bras are known for their fantastic quality and for always keeping their shape. However for the other bras in your drawer, you can re-shape padded bras with your hands while it’s damp to ensure it dries in the right shape.

10. With storage, keep your bras upright in your drawer to help the cups keep their shape and to avoid crushing

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Sarah elhajji

Fashion Editor

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