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Best Eid gifts for men

It’s said that buying for men is more difficult than buying for women, so if you’re struggling with ideas on what to buy the man who has shaped your life in one way or another, then do not worry. We have put together an amazing Eid gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for that special man in your life.

For the carry-all man

Is he desperately in need of a new laptop bag? If you’re nodding, then these bags are the perfect gift for him!

This classic pebble grain leather laptop bag is a great choice for the man who attends a lot of meetings. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and several padded compartments – perfect for fitting all of his gadgets in.

For the man who prefers a more contemporary and functional style, this trusty rucksack is more ideal. With its supremely sophisticated and luxurious leather finish, this backpack is a trendier alternative to the laptop bag and can also be used for cool outings on the weekend, not just for work.

Complete your gift by adding a sleek and slim bi-fold wallet. The one we’ve picked is made from smooth Italian leather in a classic tan. This keep-forever wallet will age beautifully – now, how could he not love it?

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For the stylish man

Is your man into the latest styles? We’ve picked out a few trendy pieces to get him looking his best. Start with a pack of shirts and tie, then throw in a set of sophisticated cufflinks for that added detail, plus a pack of fun and colourful socks that will add some cheer to his outfit.

What’s more, if you’re thinking of taking him out for a special Eid meal, these pieces will definitely help him get an outfit that’s perfect for the occasion. You can even present the gift in a fun way! Wrap it up with a card saying “Here’s something you can wear for tonight”. Once he unwraps the gift, there could be a post-it note with the restaurant name and time of your reservation – a very creative way to say how much you love him!

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Still out of ideas?

If you’re still struggling on what to buy him, then why not give him a luxury wash bag? We’ve picked out two options for you so you get a choice between grooming products with a sophisticated musky scent or a sparkling citrus fragrance. Both options come with a bottle of perfume and men’s hair and body wash packaged in a stylish toiletry bag – the easiest gift of them all!

As a finishing touch, pick out a card that lets you say Eid Mubarak along with a heartfelt message to show your appreciation. After reading it, he will surely display this card around the home proudly for everyone to see.

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