Eat Well

Eat Well

We all know that it’s important to eat well and to have a balanced diet, but how many of us really do it? At Marks & Spencer, we know that we don’t all have the time to check on how many fruits we’ve had in a day, or the luxury to prepare a healthy meal. After all, life’s too short to be constantly keeping tabs on what you eat. Which is why we have created the Eat Well range, so you can enjoy deliciously healthy food without the hours of preparation — just look for the Eat Well sunflower sign on our products.

What you can find in our Eat Well range

Eating healthy is all about getting the right balance of food that will provide all the nutrients and energy your body needs. This is all very well and easy to say, but where does one start off? Our Eat Well range helps you quickly spot the food that’s right for you, so you don’t have to spend long hours researching online or reading ingredients labels.

Look for our Eat Well sunflower sign on selected bread, vegetables, cereals, pasta and more so you can enjoy healthy food that are great sources of energy and fibre.


Our top 6 tips to help you eat well

1. Make it delicious

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many delicious recipes that you can make from our Eat Well range including fresh fish and a range of salads. If you’re looking for something light and quick, opt for one of our healthy snacks.

2. Eat more, not less

Why not try to eat more of the right things and less of the bad? That means more of the veggies and fruit, less of processed food and those that are high in sugar.

3. Give yourself a boost

Give yourself more energy every day. Our Eat Well range is packed or prepared fresh to keep the vitamins and nutrients intact and to give you energy that lasts for the rest of the day.

4. Eat a little of what you fancy

Now, eating well does not mean you can only eat greens for the rest of your life. It’s best to allow yourself to enjoy treats occasionally. If you deny yourself your favourite food, you’re likely to binge eat, and that’s never a good idea. After all, a small treat every now and then can help you achieve your goals. So, if you want that chocolate cake, then go for it (just try to keep it to one or two small servings a day).

5. Eat Well for life

Embrace life and enjoy every bite. Eat Well lets you look forward to a happier, healthier tomorrow for family and friends. Find it all in our Marks & Spencer’s food stores.

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