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Get them classroom ready

Mastering times tables, creating works of art- it’s all in a (school) day’s work!

Getting back into the school routine can be a little bit of a struggle with rushed school runs, last-minute ironing – the list goes on. Not to worry, we’ve got the easy back-to-school solution to make your mornings stress-free.

We’ve got a few favourites, but the item we think you will really love are the Non-Iron Shirts! Every school shirt should be crisp, white and smart, and with our crease-free shirts, you can have your kids’ school uniforms looking smarter for longer.

I empathise with all the parents out there as it probably feels like it was just yesterday when you bought the kids new term clothes. Fortunately, as the kids grow, so does our range of innovations to help uniforms last longer. Our Back To School range also includes pieces that are easy to wear and care for, with innovations such as Adjust-A-Hem/Cuff technology and Stay Soft technology which keeps clothes soft and new for longer. That’s one less distraction for you.

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