The benefit of eating soup

People always think that salads are the easiest way to eat healthy, however having a bowl of soup has a lot of health benefits too. Filled to the brim with veggies and nutrients, soups also let you pack in your 5-a-day portions into one bowl. Plus, it’s so easy to make.

In our food stores, you can find an amazing selection of fresh potted soups and tinned options. From cream of asparagus and classic tomato to butternut squash and Eat Well super soups, our range has the right soup for every taste bud.

Soup as a refreshing summer lunch option

If you’re looking for a cool and refreshing lunch, why not try our soups chilled? Cold tomato soup is one of the best choices for this, season with black pepper and a little bit of salt for a light yet delicious lunch.

Soup as a warm comfort food

Soup can be a great comfort food and is the ultimate go-to food for a cosy night in. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in with a hot bowl of warm soup, with chunky buttered, seeded bread – yummy!


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