M&S Edition
February 2016
Tsian Koussa
Fashion Editor
Best Bras
If everyday comfort is what you’re after, then look no further! We have the best range of bra styles - An essential for any lingerie drawer!

T here’s a time and a place for every bra style, but every now and again all you need is a no-fuss bra that does the job in simple style. Enter our great range of bras, filled with the push up bra,

sports bra, strapless bra and much more. Available in a variety of shades from the demure beige, white and black to vibrant and racy hues. Not forgetting the array of bra sizes we cater for, from A to E cups; discover our range of bestsellers, jam-packed with comfort, style and sass.

“We’re not surprised women keep indulging in our bras, and keep coming back for more”

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