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We caught up with Jourdan Dunn, the model, mum and now designer, to talk about kids’ fashion, her son Riley
and Lil’ LonDunn, the new urban-inspired collection she’s created for M&S
When I found out M&S wanted to join forces I was like, ‘Really, me?’” says Jourdan Dunn of her new kids’ collection, Lil’ LonDunn. It’s the latest triumph in what’s been a stellar career for the model. After making her runway debut at 16, she’s gone on to grace the covers of Vogue and Elle, as well as fronting campaigns for Burberry, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret.

Somehow she’s also found time to bring up her six-year-old son Riley. He features in the campaign for Lil’ LonDunn, part of a new series of design collaborations called ‘M&S &’. As many mums will know, kids don’t always agree when it comes to fashion. “He’s obsessed with the Lego movie. I bought him the sweatshirt and I despise it so much now – he won’t take it off!” says 25-year-old Jourdan. She admits kids need to find their own style, though It’s good for him to have his favourites and wear what he wants and be creative in that way.“

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" Lil’ LonDunn. It’s the latest triumph in what’s been a stellar career for the model. "
While Riley was the inspiration behind the new range, Jourdan was adamant it would be for boys and girls. “I like wearing men’s clothing like my brothers’ T-shirts – oversized and comfy – and I feel like there are girls that don’t want to be ‘girly-girly’ and dress in pink,” says the model. “There’s nothing really like this collection out there. You either have to shop in the boy or girl section.” With its easy, urban vibe and graphic cut-out letters, Lil’ LonDunn celebrates the model’s love for her hometown.

“The pieces all mix and match, too, so you can buy different [ones] and they all work too. Seeing it all together – the girls in the T-shirts – it’s very cool.” As a mum herself, Jourdan knows what parents want from their children’s clothes: “The pieces are all great quality and washable, so kids can run around and just have fun without worrying.” And that’s the most important thing.

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" 60’s inspired polka dot printed dress and classic gingham slacks just a couple of key pieces "
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