Forever fresh, forever tasty

There’s nothing more refreshing on a sluggish day than a delightful plate of crisp, fresh vegetables smothered in a light, zesty dressing. Salads are also a super-convenient and tasty way to work in that recommended 5-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables – not to mention it’s incredibly quick and easy to toss around a bunch of ingredients together for the perfect meal option whether it’s for 1 or a family of 4.

Boring salads, be gone!

Long gone are the days of boring tasteless salads. With our Marks & Spencer chilled range you can find a mouthwatering selection of pre-made salads. Choose from our ready-made potted selection where you can find all types of salads, from avocado, beetroot and lentil options to garden and mix vegetable salads - the list of appetising options are just aplenty!

If you prefer to make your own salads, then opt for one of our pre-washed salad bags. With a wide selection to choose from you can find something to suit every age and taste bud, from left greens, to spinach and even mixed bags of carrots and other veggies. Simply add a bottle of our light salad dressing for the finishing touches and all-round nutritious meal.

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In the pink of health

Undoubtedly, a great source of fibre with all the vegetables, salads keep your digestive tract in check. You can also boost the health quotient further by throwing in a variety of nuts, seeds and beans that’ll also add a great crunch to your bowl of goodness. Go down the route of leafy greens with your salads, and you’ll be sweetening your daily vitamin intake with way more vitamin C and D, and plenty of potassium - protecting you from heart disease and more.

Go big with salads

Salad dressings are a great way to add flavour without loading on the unnecessary calories. Try out our Fat Free Salad dressings where you can find a great selection, from fruity options like Pomegranate & Apple, to the classic Balsamic Vinegar, or the ever-creamy Reduced Fat French dressing.

On the flipside

If you’re not a fan of veggie salads there is always the ever delectable fruit salad. In our food stores, you can choose from a variety of fruits such as melons, grapes, peaches, nectarines and oranges; whichever are in season, they’ll always taste their best. Working as the perfect dessert treat especially after a heavy dinner, add some texture to your fruit mix with our selection of low-fat yogurt. For those looking for something a little more indulgent, try it with our low-fat chocolate mousse – take our word for it, it’ll be yummy!

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