M&S Salmon

Did you know that our Lochmuir™ Salmon is the healthiest on the high-street, with the highest levels of Omega 3? To put it in perspective, just one portion of our salmon provides an adult’s entire weekly intake of Omega 3 fats, and that's been the same since it was first launched way back in 2006.

So many options to choose from…

Find fresh and frozen salmon in all our food stores with filleted, smoked and poached options to pick from. Our salmon fish is also used as an ingredient in many dishes across our food range, including ready meals, sandwiches and even in our M&S Café.

We’re sustainable all the way…

It’s important to us that we know where our food comes from and that it's sourced in the most sustainable way possible, which is why we sell both wild and farmed salmon. Our local Scottish Wild fish is caught off the coast of Alaska as we are supporting the recovery of Scottish salmon. Therefore, the salmon in our stores are exclusively farmed for Marks & Spencer by award-winning farms using a unique kind of feed.


The salmon on our shelves have been slow-grown to develop superior taste and texture. Our salmon enjoys an enriched diet and swims freely in a fast-following water with plenty of space. The farms we use are all audited to Marks & Spencer specifications enabling us to give our customers assurances on animal welfare, food safety and quality.

The quick 30-min salmon recipe

For those who are looking for a healthy quick meal, why not try grilled salmon with asparagus? Simply take as many fillets as you require from our fresh or frozen salmon packs, season with half a lemon, 1 table spoon of turmeric and 1 clove of garlic. Mix together and spread over the salmon and grill until ready. Serve the salmon with poached asparagus for a healthy lean meal.

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