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SPF Beauty must-haves

Oh, UAE summers – when it’s so hot that you can’t head to the beach until late afternoon and when stepping into a carpark feels like walking into a sauna. With temperatures rising to an average of 45°C during the day and 37°C at sea (yes, it’s like swimming in a hot bath), you can only imagine the damage your skin gets from constantly being in the sun.

You’ve probably heard it 100 times that putting on sunscreen is so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But did you know that you can have protective makeup without having to add a base of sticky sunscreen to your routine? That’s right, you can get makeup with SPF (sun protective factor) already in it! Say goodbye to shiny, sticky or chalky sunscreen and say hello to our special makeup range and face creams with SPF protection, so you can apply without the worry.

It starts with the moisturiser

SPF with dark spot correcting…can it be true? Yes, it is! Part of the Formula Biotech range of targeted skincare, the Biotech Day Cream Moisturiser has SPF 30 Neurolight that corrects dark spots on the face – amazing! This formula has been independently tested by 100 women with visible dark spots over 8 weeks and came out with amazing results as it was clinically proven to diminish dark spots, give a firm lift and reduce wrinkles.

Beauty tip: Apply the cream by starting from the centre of the dark spotted area, massage slowly up and outwards in circular motions until you cover the whole face.

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Prep with the primer

Apply primer like a pro with our SPF 20 primer that’s specially formulated with Vitamin C and UVA/UVB protection. This primer is a great base for your foundation as it’s fast absorbing and smooths the skin out by filling in lines and pores for that flawless finish. Beauty tip: A little primer goes a long way, so start by applying a tiny bit at the centre of your face and work your way out. Ideally, you want very light coverage, so less is more.

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Go for a fresh base with a tinted moisturiser

If you want light coverage just for a natural day look, use this tinted moisturiser instead of a thicker foundation. Featured in Stylist magazine, the Autograph Illumination Touch Tinted Moisturiser is super easy to apply and gives your complexion a hint of colour. This moisturiser contains illuminating vitality complex to energise and improve skin firmness and provide SPF protection – what more can a girl want?

Beauty tip: Skip the powder part. We know it’s tempting, but the idea of a tinted moisturiser is that it’s supposed to be light on the face, so keep it natural and ditch the powder.

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Looking for thicker coverage but still want a natural look?

People usually wonder what the difference is between a BB cream and a tinted moisturiser. Well, BB cream is a creamy foundation that has a lighter texture and a thicker consistency than a tinted moisturiser. Our BB creams come with protective SPF 15 coverage that’s tremendously hydrating to the skin – great for people with dry skin.

Beauty tip: If you want a naturally flawless finish, use your fingers to apply. The warmth from your fingers will make the cream easier to apply.

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Looking for full coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a mask?

So, we’ve been through our lighter options, but if you’re looking for something with a little more coverage, then why not try our long-lasting Autograph foundation with SPF 20 sunscreen? It comes in a variety of shades and is ultra-lightweight to the touch, yet you can build up the amount of coverage you need for big events or nights out without feeling like you’re caked! Beauty tip: After applying your primer, apply this Autograph liquid foundation with a makeup foundation brush. Start from the center then blend out toward the rest of the face to avoid visible makeup lines.

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