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M&S EditionSports clothes for women never looked so good!

SS17 Sportswear Guide

This season, we have fused style and innovation to offer the perfect sportswear range to set your fitness regimen into motion. Our collection this year outshines itself with high-tech, comfortable, breathable fabrics combined with exceptional style — perfect for those who want to look good even while hitting the gym!

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Light as Air™ Sports Bra

If you like our Light as Air™ Everyday bras, then you will love our Light as Air™ Sports Bra. It has been developed by our specialist to create a much lighter and more supportive sports bra using spacer fabric. This fabric is lightweight, breathable and absorbs moisture — perfect for high-intensity workouts. This style of bra has been specially crafted using a flexi wire for extra support and shape. Additionally, the bra features padded shoulder straps that can also be worn crossed at the back to give comfort and extra freedom of movement during exercise.

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InFin8 Bra

Did you know that, when exercising, the breasts move around by an average of 10cm in a figure of 8 movement? The InFin8 bras are designed to counteract this as it uses a figure of 8 on the inner cup to provide support and reduce bounce. A reinforced wide wrap over back strap has also been included for added support making it ideal for high impact sports activity.

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High Impact Sports Bra

Our range of high impact bras are specially designed with a cup frame that reduces bounce. It also features padded straps that offer a cross over option making it perfect for high impact sports such as horse riding, boxing etc. One of our best innovations yet, this type of bra is made with breathable performance fabrics to keep you cool and dry.

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Sculpt Leggings

The all-new Sculpt Leggings have been designed with active legs in mind. This fashion innovation comes in a fabric that offers extra power to ensure support during exercise while providing total coverage so you feel confidently contained with no show through. The sculpting fabric has been designed to feel comfortable for everyday wear, but with more compression to provide gentle muscle support when exercising.

The Heatgen™ Leggings

These leggings are perfect for those who enjoy early morning runs outside during the colder months. You can trade thick, heavy clothing for these lightweight thermals. Our Soft Leggings include Heatgen™ technology in an extremely soft, lightweight fabric that still keeps you warm when the weather is cold.

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Light as Air™ Sports Legging

These leggings have been designed and developed to ensure that there is ultimate comfort during all kinds of workouts, whether it’s yoga, pilates or running. Thanks to its mesh ventilation panels, these leggings have extreme breathability during exercise, while the stretch and moisture wicking fabric offer added comfort.

Cool Comfort™ Technology

Our Cool Comfort™ technology moves moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric, meaning that sweat evaporates quicker. The breathable fabric is quick-drying with garments having open structures that allow air to move freely so that it leaves you feeling fresh.

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Our Active range includes items created with a smooth and streamlined look without any seams. These garments give freedom of movement with high levels of comfort making them ideal for all-day wear from the office through to the gym!

Moisture Wicking Technology

For those who like to keep dry while working out, our Moisture Wicking Technology range features stretch fabrics for ultimate comfort and which remove moisture from the skin to keep you dry. This technology works by pulling moisture away from the body and through to the other side of the fabric, where it can evaporate more easily.

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Sarah elhajji

Fashion Editor

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