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What to wear for an interview?

It’s said that you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Now this may be a little less unnerving if you’re meeting friends-of-friends at a dinner party, but when it comes to a job interview, your first impression could just possibly set the tone of your meeting. So to help you, here are our top tips on the various types of office attire for women & men - helping you make that positive lasting impression.

For the women

With so many style options to choose from, looking the part may seem like a daunting task; however, take our advice: it is always best to put together a look that reciprocates the brand.

A formal perspective
A great example of dressing for the brand would be if you were interviewing at a finance company in DIFC, then a formal corporate look is probably best suited for the occasion. We’re not talking about your average bland, black suit with your typical white shirt combination, – although, if the cut is right, this can be a great look -- instead try injecting some style into your formal workwear with some of our timeless looks: For a more official environment go for a pair of straight-leg tailored pants that finish just above the ankle. Coordinate it with a printed silk blouse or lace top and a pair of brightly coloured strappy high heels - proving that you can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk!

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A casual interview
Now, it’s always better to be overdressed for an interview than under, but if you’re going for a creative role in marketing or design, then you have more room to be casual and to inject bits of your personality. Try a floral printed dress with a fitted blazer for a put together look. To finish off your style why not try nude court shoes, or flat brogues if you prefer the more comfortable approach. Don’t forget about the small details, accessorise in a way that represents you.

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For the men

Ah, the men! One could say they have it easy? Not really, it’s just as hard to figure out what kind of office wear for men or is appropriate because you wouldn’t want to turn up to an interview dressed in a suit when the office exhibits a more dressed down affair.

Formalwear decoded
The same mindset stands for women as it does for men. Dress the same way the company brands itself! If they come across more formal then you know it’s time to up your game if they’re more relaxed then you can play with the idea of business casual.

The slim fit turtle neck jumper
If you’re interviewing at a formal company for a project management role then a sharp suit is your safe go-to outfit. Pair this with a smart shirt and classic shoes for a well put-together look. The tie is a great way to show a little bit of your character. So if you want to make a statement go for red, and if you like things a little more exciting then go for a bold print. It doesn’t always have to be played safe, give them a little insight to your personality.

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A casual interview
Smart casual is an attire that bodes well with most companies. This is a very easy look to pull off, with not much effort needed but gives maximum impact. Pull this look together with dark blue or light beige chinos, a polo shirt and a smart blazer jacket that has a space for a printed pocket square. You can step into this interview with a nice pair of brown shoes to complete your look.

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Sarah elhajji

Fashion Editor

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